Value for Money in

Dublin Airport Parking

with standard online rates from just €4.27/day

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Notification

All Quickpark car parking services including Premium Parking are unavailable until further notice.

Use your Toll Tag at Quickpark for Convenience & Savings

Use your toll tag at Quickpark for online rates without the need to bre-book

Just Drive In & Drive Out!

For your convenience, you can now use your toll tag to pay for your parking fees. No need for tickets, paying cash or queueing at the pay station – just drive in and drive out


Save with your Toll Tag

Get our online rates from €4.27/day without pre-booking

You can avail of our online rates for our standard parking service for the Quickpark car park in Dublin Airport without the need to pre-book when you use your toll tag at the barrier*

If you do not have a toll tag, you can still avail of these promotional rates by booking online.


How to Use your Toll Tag at Quickpark

To use your tool tag for parking, you must have registered your tag for parking in advance. See Before you can use your toll tag on the rightbelow.

1. To Enter - press the button at the barrier to activate the service *

When you reach the entry barrier, press the button and the barrier will lift and you may proceed.

There is no need to take a ticket.

2. On Exiting - just drive out!

Your parking fee will be deducted from your account automatically, so you don't need to queue at the pay station.

Approach the exit barrier slowly to allow your tag to read. Do not proceed past the ticket machine until the barrier has lifted.


*Remember to register your tag for parking in advance of first use. See Before you can use your Toll Tag on the rightbelow for more details

Please note that this service is only available at our parking facility at Dublin Airport, and not at Quickpark Budget Parking Clongriffin.