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Dublin Airport Parking

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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Notification

Quickpark is offering our regular car parking services as usual, within the guidelines and advice from the Government.
Our Premium Parking Service, CarSPA & Car Servicing are unavailable until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Online

1. How do I book online?

  1. Go to the booking page
  2. To check availability, simply enter your arrival and departure dates and times and click on the "Check Availability" button.
  3. The system will check parking availability for the dates and times specified by you. It will clearly show slots that are available or unavailable along with the appropriate charge. If slots are marked as unavailable, edit your selection by clicking the "Edit" button.
  4. Check that the dates and times shown are correct. To confirm your booking, please continue as follows:
    • Log-in if you already have an account.
    • Register to create an account.
    • Press "Cancel" to return.
  5. Complete the "Personal Details" section by inserting the required information into the boxes provided. Note that you can save your personal details for future bookings by clicking on the box on the right hand side. Please ensure that the details you provide are correct.
  6. Complete the "Payment Details" section by inserting the required information into the boxes provided. Please ensure that the details you provide are correct.
  7. Click on the "Terms and Conditions" link and read carefully the document presented. Confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and that you agree to be bound by them by clicking on the box opposite 'I have read and accept the Terms and conditions'.
  8. The system will validate your card details and once approval is received, will automatically issue a formal booking confirmation while you are still online. You should print and retain a copy of this booking confirmation as it includes details of your booking and your unique booking reference number. This reference number is essential if you later need for any reason to cancel your booking with us.

2. How do I know my booking has been accepted?

On completion of the booking process you will:

  • Receive your booking confirmation notice while you are still online
  • Receive an email confirmation at the email address you provided when making the online booking

These confirmations set out the details of your booking and include your unique PIN number.

3. How close to my date/ time of travel can I pre-book parking?

You can pre-book your parking space 1 hour before arriving.

This may be subject to change in high-season and we advise that you book online 48 hours in advance of entering Quickpark at Dublin Airport.

4. What if I don't receive a booking confirmation at the end of the process or a booking confirmation email?

In this case the booking has not been completed successfully and the process should be carefully repeated.

If you completed the online process successfully but did not receive an email confirmation please ensure that your virus checker is not blocking certain emails or classifying the email as spam.

Please make sure to write down your booking reference number. Using this number you can check your booking online anytime before you travel and can cancel the booking at anytime up to 72 hours before your planned arrival time at the car park.

5. How do I know my booking details are secure?

You can rest assured that your personal data is safe with us. Every booking is encrypted via SSL protocol. Along with encryption we take all the measures required to keep all your personal data safe.

6. Is it possible to amend or cancel a booking?

Yes you can cancel up to 72 hours before your booked arrival time. If you wish to amend a booking please contact us.

Please make sure to make note of your booking reference number, as this number is essential if you need to amend or cancel your booking with us.

See our Terms & Conditions for full details of our Refund and Cancellation policy.

7. How much does parking in Quickpark cost when I pre-book online?

For our standard parking service, the current online parking costs range from €4.27 to €9 per day (or part thereof), depending on the length of stay, and spaces are limited. Please see our Parking Rates page for full details.

8. What is the normal charge for parking in Quickpark when I don't pre-book online?

The normal daily parking charge at Quickpark is €10 per day for our standard parking. Premium parking can only be booked online.

9. Do parking charges at Quickpark include VAT?

Yes, the parking charges include VAT at 21%.

Airport Pickup & Drop-off Points

10. Where does the bus pick up and drop off at the airport?

The shuttle bus drops off at Terminal 2 on its way to Terminal 1. On your return journey, buses pick up at Terminal 1 only, at the Quickpark bus shelter in Zone 9